About Us

Under a strong competitive environment, Greek companies that manufacture and export marine equipment of high technological added value have decided to join their forces. In order to achieve t

heir planning for a powerful opening and potential exporting to shipyards, they moved on to form HEMEXPO – Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters.

HEMEXPO involves the larger marine equipment companies in Greece and thereby strengthens the links between the industry’s leading companies through sharing of market intelligence, providing a vehicle for greater cooperation with ship-owners and shipyards.

HEMEXPO companies derive their competitiveness through designing and producing innovative and reliable high quality products supplied for the building, conversion, maintenance of ships (seagoing and inland) and maritime structures. This includes technical services in the field of engineering, installation and commissioning, and ship maintenance (including repair), with optimum after sales customer support.

HEMEXPO is becoming a world leading force in the Marine Equipment industry, being a reliable and consistent partner for ship-owners and shipyards, all over the world.


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