Updated IOBE’s Study on Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers

A new report from HEMEXPO, Greece’s leading marine equipment manufacturers and exporters association for the international shipping industry, outlines the ambitious targets the association has set itself to support the education and training of the next generation of marine equipment specialists.

The new report, Marine equipment manufacturing: Trends, prospects, and contribution to the Greek economy, is based on a study conducted by the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE). It suggests that bridging the gap between labour supply and demand in the marine equipment market requires action from industry, to drive greater collaboration with educational institutes and increase awareness of the career opportunities available.

HEMEXPO Vice President, Mr. Thanasis Athanasopoulos, noted: “The results of the study have highlighted new challenges facing marine equipment manufacturers, but the most important finding is related to human resource management. The report confirms HEMEXPO’s view that enhanced collaboration between marine equipment manufacturers and educational institutions holds the key to improving the skills of existing personnel; a coherent approach is needed to develop a range of training programmes which target graduates and working professionals alike.” 

The integrated approach in the report suggests HEMEXPO and its members should seek cooperation with universities to empower young professionals to consider a career in the maritime industry, and to help build curriculums that cater to the needs of the job market. 

HEMEXPO proposes the creation of a fully funded internship programme which Mr. Athanasopoulos states should include participation incentives to attract young professionals with the desired skills, who often move into roles in other industries that are unrelated to their studies.

The report also considers the financial performance of HEMEXPO companies and assesses HEMEXPO’s impact on the Greek economy – in terms of its contribution to GDP, employment and public revenue – based on latest available data. For example, when taking into consideration the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the study reveals that HEMEXPO’s direct impact on the Greek economy increased by 3.6% in 2020, indicating resilience within HEMEXPO companies and those operating within the Water Transport sector. 

Marine equipment manufacturing: Trends, prospects, and contribution to the Greek economy is available to read in full through the below links: